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Baoji Zhipu non ferrous metals processing co ltd was established in 2003 and specialized in deep processing of refractory metals field In 13 years time we have been focusing on tungsten molybdenum and tantalum finish machining parts in vacuum application industry especially on vacuum furnace atmosphere furnace and high temperature furnace We have accumulated quite experience and technology in technology research and development furnace transformation vacuum furnace structure technical exchange and refractory metals deep processing technological exploration and have been to main supplier of vacuum furnace material and heating room Now Zhipu Company is awarded to high tech enterprise Shaanxi...

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Furnace Mo CrucibleTungsten Filament Coiled Wire HeaterTantalum Boat with Competitive PriceHigh Quality Tantalum Foil Diaphragm99.95% Molybdenum Sputtering TargetsSintering Tungsten Crucible in StockCompetitive High Purity Niobium BoatStranded Tungsten Embroidery FactoryHigh Density Molybdenum Heavy HammerCustomized Molybdenum Bolt Nut ScrewHard Surfacing Niobium Carbide PlateHigh Temperature Resistance CrucibleHigh Density Heavy Molybdenum HammerMolybdenum Plate for Vacuum IndustryHigh Quality Heavy Molybdenum HammerHigh Temperature 0.25mm Tungsten WireHigh Quality Tantalum Crucible RO5200Tungsten Rope for Monocrystal FurnaceCheap Price High Purity Tungsten BoatHigh Purity Sapphire Wolfram CrucibleForging and Rolling Sputtering TargetTop Quality Round Tzm Molybdenum RodsPolished Tungsten Rod with Best PriceTungsten Seek Chuck for Glass FurnaceSales of High Quality Tantalum FlangeManufacturing Folding Barges for SaleFlangeI Welding Neck Slip on ThreadedTantalum Diaphragm for Pressure GaugeNiobium Flat Phillips Bolt for FastenHigh Quality Molybdenum Flange 99.95%TantalumTube For Glass Fibre IndustryTungsten Wire Rope Tungsten Apt Price99.95% Purity Tantalum Foil DiaphragmMolybdenum Seed Gold Chuck And HammerAnti-corrosive Parts Tantalum FlangesTungsten Flange Coupling ApplicationsHigh Temperature Resistance CruciblesMolybdenum Target With Smooth SurfaceBest Price Pure Rolled Tantalum SheetNiobium Stick Per Kilogram Sale PriceNon-ferrous Metal Tantalum ElectrodesHigh Quality Tungsten Alloy Round Rod99.95% Pure Molybdenum Machined PartsRefractory Forged Molybdenum CrucibleFactory Price Pure Tungsten CruciblesHigh Temperature Tungsten Wire 99.95%Molybdenum Seed Chuck Electronic Tube99.99%High Quality Pure Tantalum Boat99.95% High Temperature Tungsten WireStandard Parts Machined Tantalum BoatNiobium Bar for Metallurgical PurposePure W Tungsten Boats for Evaporation99.95% Pure Niobium Round Bars PricesForged Carbon Steel Flange AttenuatorTungsten Crucibles for Melting 99.95%Molybdenum Heavy Hammer ManufacturingCorrosion Resistance Tantalum TargetsGood Price Tantalum Sputtering TargetHigh Purity Niobium Sputtering TargetNickel Hastelloy Pipe Fittings/flangeHigh Quality Molybdenum Furnace PartsMolybdenum Seed Chuck for Single CrysSeek Chuck for Single Crystal Furnace99.95% High Purity Tantalum DiaphragmMolybdenum Anode Cathode from FactoryHigh Purity Molybdenum Machined PartsGood Stability Molybdenum Heat ShieldHigh Quality Tantalum Target for SaleMolybdenum Carbide Needle for BearingHeating Resistance Tungsten Wire RopeTungsten Wire Rope for Vacuum FurnaceHigh Quality Molybdenum Anode Cathode0.18mm Black Annealed Molybdenum WireHigh Quality 99.95% Pure Tungsten TubeTop Quality Molybdenum Electrode / RodMolybdenum Flat Phillips Bolt for Sale99.95%Tungsten Boat for Vacuum CoatingHigh Quality Tungsten Wire Coil HeaterHigh Purity Tungsten Seed Crystal ClipTungsten Wire a Conductor or InsulatorHigh Quality Molybdenum Bolt Nut ScrewNickel Flange for Sale 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SaleTungsten Metal Wire for Vacuum FurnaceHigh Temperature Molybdenum Seek ChuckCorrosion Resistant Tantalum DiaphragmHigh Purity 99.95% Tantalum Bars/ RodsTantalum Flange ANSI Welding Neck SlipTantalum Diaphragm for InstrumentationHigh Quality Molybdenum Headless Screw99.95% High Quality Tungsten Wire RopeHigh Qualityt Tantalum Screw ElectrodeThoriated Tungsten Filament Definition3.0mm Tungsten Wire Rope Wolfram MetalTantalum Boat for Vacuum Coating IndusHigh Quality 99.95% Pure Tantalum RingHigh Purity 2.5 Diameter Tungsten RopeHigh Quality Tantalum Evaporation BoatEvaporation Boat with High-temperatureHigh Quality Tantalum Sputtering TargetHigh Temperature Furnace Tungsten ChuckHigh Quality Molybdenum Electrode / Rod99.95%purity Tantalum Sputtering TargetTungsten Wire Resistance Vs Temperature99.95% Tungsten Rope for Vacuum FurnaceProcessing Cnc Molybdenum Machined PartTungsten Crucible for Heating TreatmentHigh Density Tungsten Sputtering TargetHigh Quality and Purity Tantalum 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Vacuum Furnace 99.95%Dia1.8 Tungsten Wire for Vacuum FurnaceHigh Quality Sputtering Tungsten Targethote cathode rectifier is also known asHigh Temperature Tungsten Boat for Saleadvantages of indirectly heated cathode99.95% High Quaility Tantalum Diaphragm2017 Wholesale Niobium Sputtering TargetMolybdenum Cnc Precision Machining PartsTungsten Rope for Single Crystal FurnaceHigh Temperature Tungsten Flexible ShaftSintered Polished Solid Tungsten NeedlesTungsten Twisted Rope for Vaccum FuenaceTantalum Crucible Vacuum Furnace MachineTungsten Rope for Lifting Flexible ShaftHigh Temperature Furnace Tungsten BobbinForging Casting Tantalum Flange for SaleFolding Tungsten Boat for Vacuum CoatingPressure Gauge Industry Tantalum FlangesCheap Price Diaphragm for Pressure GaugeHigh Quality Tungsten for Vacuum CoatingSapphire Industry With Molybdenum HammerHigh Densirty Sputtering Tantalum TargetTop Quality Molybdenum Sputtering TargetTungsten Lifting Rope for Vacuum FurnaceTungsten Wire for Single Crystal FurnaceCustomizable Tube Stainless Steel FlangePolished Tungsten Crucible for SinteringAnticorrosion Heat-resistant Seed HolderPure Nickel Alloy Hastelloy Pipe FittingNiobium Hex Screw for Various IndustriesHigh Quality Neck Stainless Steel FlangeHigh Temperature Resistant Tungsten WireBest Price Molybdenum CNC Machined PartsMolybdenum Turning Machine Parts ForsalePure Tungsten Sputtering Target for SaleEdm Wire Cutting Machine Molybdenum WirePure Tantalum Crucible Tantalum CrucibleHigh Temperature Furnace Molybdemun SeekWholesale Molybdenum Net Heating ElementTantalum Electrode with Various Material316L Diaphragm Foil for Pressure Gauges.Molybdenum Wire Edm Wire Cutting MachineCustomized Molybdenum Seed Crystal ChuckASTM Tantalum Crucible with High QualitySeek Chuck for Electronic Tube Component2.5-Dia Tungsten Wire for Vacuum FurnaceBest Price MO1 Seed Crystal Chuck/colletHot Sale Molybdenum Crucible from FactoryDia1.8mm Tungsten Flexible Shaft for SaleBest Price for Sputtering Tungsten TargetIndustrial Molybdenum Net Heating ElementHeating Tantalum Screw Electrode for SaleMolybdenum Bolt High Temperature FastenerTop Quality Molybdenum Seed Crystal ChuckSingle Crystal Furnace Tungsten Wire RopeHigh Temperature Molybdenum Wire for SaleHot Sale 99.95% Niobium Sputtering TargetHigh Purity Molybdenum Sputtering TargetsHot Sale Superior Quality Molybdenum RingMachined Molybdenum Plate with Best PriceSingle Crystal Furnace Consumables 99.95%Hot Selling Molybdenum CNC Machined PartsTungsten Wire Rope Single Crystal FurnaceHigh Quality Molybdenum Cnc Machined PartPure Tungsten Target with Customized SizeSintering Mo Molybdenum Crucible in Stock99.95% Pure Molybdenum Cnc Machined PartsHot Sale Niobium 99.95% Sputtering TargetTungsten Needle for Vacumm ElectroplatingHigh Quality Stainless Steel Forged FlangWholesale Customized Titanium Plate PriceHigh Density Molybdenum Sputtering TargetHigh Quality Single Crystal Furnace PartsHigh Temperature Resistance Tungsten WireHeating Needle Price for Vacumm ElectroplaPolished Molybdenum Crucible for SinteringNiobium Sputtering Target for Wiring ConneNew Design Vacuum Annealed Tantalum FlangeTungsten Crucibles Used in Vacuum IndustryHigh Temperature Resistant Tungsten FlangePure Niobium Crucibles Customized CruciblePure Niobium Crucibles for Vacuum IndustryBest Selling Molybdenum Cnc Machined PartsHot Sale Molybdenum Flanges for Connection99.95% Purity Forged Molybdenum SeedholderWholesale Socket Welding Flange for VacuumPurity Tungsten Sputtering Target for SaleTantalum Diaphragm for Gas Regulator99.99%Various Thickness Tantalum Diaphragm SheetHeat Resistant Molybdenum Bolts/nuts/screwChuck of High Temperature Furnace AssemblyHigh Quality Molybdenum CNC Machined PartsPure Molybdenum Sputtering Target for SaleBright Industrial Furnace Wolfram CrucibleTungsten Wire for High Temperature FurnaceHigh Temperature Resistant Screws and NutsWholesale Prices Niobium Sputtering TargetTungsten Sputtering Target for Sale 99.95%Tungsten Bars for Sapphire Growing Furnace99.95% Purity Molybdenum Sputtering TargetHigh Quality Molybdenum Flat Phillips BoltHigh Quality Molybdenum Seed Crystal ChuckHigh Demand Cnc Molybdenum Machining PartsHigh Temperature 316 Stainless Steel BoltsForging Casting Molybdenum Flange for SaleHigh Demand Molybdenum Cnc Machining PartsTungsten Tube for High Temperature FurnacePolished Purity Molybdenum Needle for SaleScrews/nuts/ Bolts/ Fasteners for IndustryMolybdenum Flat Phillips Bolt for IndustryHigh Temperature Sinter Tantalum CruciblesHeating Elements Evaporation Tungsten BoatMonocrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic SolarHigh Quality Polishing Tzm Molybdenum RodsHigh Quality Stranded Tungsten Wire HeaterMolybdenum Parts for Metal Melting FurnaceFlanges Various Standards Diverse MaterialsZirconium Niobium Alloy Target High QualityTantalum Crucible Used in Induction FurnaceTantalum Diaphragm for Pressure TransmitterTantalum Boats for High Temperature FurnaceHigh Density Heavy Hammer Molybdenum WeightHigh-temperature Good Tensile Tungsten Rope99.95% Purity Molybdenum Seed Crystal ChuckMolybdenum Screw for Single Crystal FurnaceMolybdenum Bolts for Vacuum Furnaces 99.95%Guaranteed Good Quality Tungsten Wire D1806Excellent Quality Molybdenum Machined PartsHigh Temperature Furnace Consumables 99.95%Ceramic Container with Solid Heat-resistingTungsten Crucible in Heating Chamber 99.95%Price of Thickness 0.1mm Tantalum DiaphragmHigh Temperature 0.25mm Black Tungsten WireHigh Precision Tantalum Targets with RO5200Tantalum Target for Vacuum Coating IndustryHigh Purity Tantalum Diaphragm from FactoryTantalum Sputtering Target with High QualityTantalum Electrode Rod with Various MaterialTantalum Crucible for Single Crystal FurnaceDia 0.3mm Tungsten Heater Element Wire MetalTantalum Diaphragm Price for Pressure GaugesMolybdenum Hammer For Single Crystal FurnaceISO 9001 Certificate Customized Tungsten RodMolybdenum Flat Phillips Bolt Vaccum FurnaceHigh Quality Anticorrosion Tungsten CrucibleHeavy Molybdenum Crystal Furnace AccessoriesTungsten and Molybdenum Accessories SuppliesA Cylindrical Tungsten Filament 15.0 Cm LongHigh Temperature Resistant Molybdenum HammerDIA4.0 Winding Structure Tungsten Rope 99.95Vacuum Furnace Heating Niobium Flat PhillipsTungsten Sputtering Targets with CertificateMolybdenum Hammer for Monocrystal Growth FurTantalum Ground Ring for Instrument IndustryMolybdenum Processing CNC Machined Moly PartPolished Tungsten Electrodes Tig Welding RodTantalum Flat Diaphragm for Pressure SensorsCustomizable Molybdenum Heavy Hammer for SaePrice of Thickness 0.08mm Tantalum DiaphragmTantalum Flanges For Pressure Gauge IndustryMolybdenum Seed Chuck Single Crystal FurnaceTungsten Crucible for Vacuum Furnace MachineHigh-temperature Molybdenum Boat for IndustryBest-selling 99.95% Purity Tungsten Wire RopeHigh Temperature Molybdenum Sputtering TargetHigh Quality Tantalum Foil Diaphragm PressureHigh Temperature Resistance Crucible for SaleStandard Tantalum Boat Formed Cups W Mo Ta NbGood Stability Molybdenum Net Heating ElementProfessional Niobium Target with High QualityGood Quality Tungsten Fabricated Parts 99.95%Refractory Polishing Tungsten Crucible 99.95%Purity Tungsten Crucible for Sapphire CrystalHigh Temperature Resistance Tungsten CruciblePressure Gauge Industry Parts Tantalum FlangeMolybdenum Hammer for Single Crystal FurnanceOxidation Resistance Molybdenum Machined PartsMolybdenum Seed Chuck for Electronic ComponentTungstenSeek Chuck for Glass Furnace ElectrodeBest Quality Promotional Molybdenum Seed ChuckMolybdenum Machined Parts of Induction FurnaceHigh Purity Sapphire Crystal Tungsten CrucibleHastelloy B Diaphragm for Pressure TransmitterHigh Temperature Furnace Molybdemun Seek ChuckHigh-Temp Resistance Tungsten-wire for FurnaceSapphire Parts Molybdenum Crucible for SapphireHigh Quality Shooting Sputtering Niobium TargetHeating Tungsten Needle for Vacumm ElectroplatiHigh Temperature Furnace Tungsten Bobbin 99.95%Customized Molybdenum Precision Machining PartsRefractory High Temperature Resistance CrucibleHigh Quality Customizable Molybdenum Seed ChuckTemperature Resistance Silver Tungsten CrucibleCorrosion Resistant Container Tantulum CrucibleHigh Usage Efficiency Niobium Sputtering TargetResistant Tantalum Diaphragm for Pressure GaugeAnticorrosion 316L Diaphragm for Pressure Gauge99.95% Purity Niobium Square/round Bar/rod/tubeTemp Resistance Tungsten-wire for Vacuum Furnace316L Diaphragm for Diaphragm-seal Pressure GaugeMolybdenum Hammer for Monocrystal Growth FurnaceHigh Quality Molybdenum Flat Phillips Bolt99.95%Corrosion Resistant Resistant Tantalum DiaphragmInstrumentation Industry Tantalum Grounding RingMolybdenum Seed Chuck of Semiconductor IndustriesSeed Holder with Heat-resistant and AnticorrosionHot Customized Precision Tungsten Machining PartsTungsten Wire Rope of High-Temperature ResistanceHigh Temperature Molybdenum Crucible from FactoryTungsten-wire for High Temperature Vacuum FurnaceHigh Temperature Resistant Stainless Steel FlangeResistance of Tungsten Filament at Room Temperature
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