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Baoji Zhipu non ferrous metals processing co ltd was established in 2003 and specialized in deep processing of refractory metals field In 13 years time we have been focusing on tungsten molybdenum and tantalum finish machining parts in vacuum application industry especially on vacuum furnace atmosphere furnace and high temperature furnace We have accumulated quite experience and technology in technology research and development furnace transformation vacuum furnace structure technical exchange and refractory metals deep processing technological exploration and have been to main supplier of vacuum furnace material and heating room Now Zhipu Company is awarded to high tech enterprise Shaanxi...

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Price Tantalum Hexagon BoltHigh Quality Induction Furnace PartsSilver Tungsten Wire of 2.5 Diameter99.95% Tungsten Forged Anchor FlangeHigh Temperature Furnace Mo CrucibleBody Flange Used for Pressure VesselMolybdenum Carbide Needle for BearingHigh Purity Sapphire Wolfram CrucibleMolybdenum Seed Gold Chuck And HammerMolybdenum Anode Cathode from FactoryGood Price Tantalum Sputtering TargetHigh Purity Molybdenum Machined PartsStandard Parts Machined Tantalum BoatHigh Quality Molybdenum Anode CathodeForged Carbon Steel Flange AttenuatorHigh Temperature 0.25mm Tungsten WireHigh Temperature Tungsten Wire 99.95%Anti-corrosive Parts Tantalum FlangesTop Quality Round Tzm Molybdenum RodsMolybdenum Seed Chuck Electronic TubeNickel Hastelloy Pipe Fittings/flange0.18mm Black Annealed Molybdenum WireHigh Quality Tungsten Alloy Round RodTungsten Crucibles for Melting 99.95%Sales of High Quality Tantalum FlangeHigh Quality Molybdenum Flange 99.95%FlangeI Welding Neck Slip on ThreadedTantalum 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Bar for Metallurgical PurposeMolybdenum Target With Smooth Surface99.95% High Purity Tantalum Diaphragm99.95% Purity Tantalum Foil DiaphragmHigh Temperature Resistance CruciblesSeek Chuck for Single Crystal FurnaceCorrosion Resistance Tantalum Targets99.99%High Quality Pure Tantalum Boat99.95% High Temperature Tungsten WireHigh Quality 99.95% Pure Tantalum RingASME Standard Tungsten Flange for SaleTop Quality Molybdenum Electrode / RodHigh Temperature Molybdenum Seek ChuckTantalum Flange ANSI Welding Neck SlipTungsten Metal Wire for Vacuum FurnaceHigh Purity 2.5 Diameter Tungsten RopeHigh Qualityt Tantalum Screw ElectrodeThoriated Tungsten Filament DefinitionNon-ferrous Metal Tantalum Ground RingHigh Temperature Heating Tantalum BoatTop Quality Molybdenum Needle for SaleNickel Flange for Sale Molybdenum Tube99.95% High Quality Tungsten Wire RopeStainless Steel Flange for Pipe FastenCorrosion Resistant Tantalum DiaphragmA Tungsten Wire Has Resistance R at 20High Quality 99.95% Tungsten 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DiaphragmPurity Tungsten Heat Shield for FurnaceHigh Quality Molybdenum Machining PartsHigh Quality Molybdenum Pole and NeedleHigh Quaility Tantalum Diaphragm 99.95%99.95% Purity Molybdenum Bolt Nut ScrewFine Ground Surface Molybdenum Rod BarsHigh Purity Molybdenum Bolts/nuts/screwHigh Density Tungsten Sputtering TargetRO5200 Tantalum Ring with Super QualityProcessing Cnc Molybdenum Machined PartHigh Quality and Purity Tantalum TargetHigh Quality Molybdenum Electrode / Rodadvantages of indirectly heated cathodeTungsten Screw Nuts Bolts for FastenersHigh Temperature Tungsten Boat for Salehote cathode rectifier is also known asGood Price Molybdenum Sputtering TargetHigh Quality Sputtering Tungsten TargetBest Price Molybdenum Sputtering Target99.95%purity Tantalum Sputtering Target99.95% Purity Niobium Sputtering TargetHigh Quality Tantalum Sputtering TargetTungsten Boat for Vacuum Coating 99.95%Best Price Molybdenum CNC Machined PartsNiobium Hex Screw for Various IndustriesTantalum Crucible Vacuum Furnace MachineTungsten Wire for Single Crystal Furnace2017 Wholesale Niobium Sputtering TargetCustomized Molybdenum Seed Crystal ChuckHigh Quality Tungsten for Vacuum CoatingFolding Tungsten Boat for Vacuum CoatingMolybdenum Turning Machine Parts ForsaleSapphire Industry With Molybdenum HammerMolybdenum Wire Edm Wire Cutting MachineTungsten Rope for Single Crystal FurnaceCheap Price Diaphragm for Pressure GaugeBest Price MO1 Seed Crystal Chuck/colletPure Tantalum Crucible Tantalum CrucibleHigh Quality Molybdenum Bolts/nuts/screwASTM Tantalum Crucible with High QualityTantalum Electrode with Various MaterialTungsten Rope for Lifting Flexible ShaftTungsten Twisted Rope for Vaccum FuenaceHigh Temperature Tungsten Flexible ShaftTungsten Lifting Rope for Vacuum FurnaceWholesale Molybdenum Net Heating ElementAnticorrosion Heat-resistant Seed HolderTop Quality Molybdenum Sputtering TargetPressure Gauge Industry Tantalum FlangesPolished Tungsten Crucible for SinteringEdm Wire Cutting Machine Molybdenum WirePure Tungsten Sputtering Target for SaleHigh Temperature Resistant Tungsten WireMolybdenum Cnc Precision Machining PartsHigh Temperature Furnace Molybdemun SeekPure Nickel Alloy Hastelloy Pipe Fitting2.5-Dia Tungsten Wire for Vacuum FurnaceHigh Densirty Sputtering Tantalum TargetHigh Temperature Furnace Tungsten BobbinForging Casting Tantalum Flange for SaleSintered Polished Solid Tungsten NeedlesSeek Chuck for Electronic Tube Component316L Diaphragm Foil for Pressure Gauges.Customizable Tube Stainless Steel FlangeHigh Quality Neck Stainless Steel FlangeIndustrial Molybdenum Net Heating Element99.95% Pure Molybdenum Cnc Machined PartsTungsten Wire Rope Single Crystal FurnaceSintering Mo Molybdenum Crucible in StockHot Sale 99.95% Niobium Sputtering TargetSingle Crystal Furnace Consumables 99.95%High Temperature Resistance Tungsten WireHigh Purity Molybdenum Sputtering TargetsHigh Density Molybdenum Sputtering TargetSingle Crystal Furnace Tungsten Wire 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Regulator99.99%Best Selling Molybdenum Cnc Machined PartsHigh Demand Molybdenum Cnc Machining PartsWholesale Socket Welding Flange for VacuumHigh Demand Cnc Molybdenum Machining PartsPolished Purity Molybdenum Needle for SaleHigh Quality Molybdenum CNC Machined PartsPure Molybdenum Sputtering Target for SaleMolybdenum Parts for Metal Melting FurnaceHeating Elements Evaporation Tungsten BoatHeating Needle Price for Vacumm ElectroplaTantalum Crucible Used in Induction FurnaceZirconium Niobium Alloy Target High QualityGuaranteed Good Quality Tungsten Wire D1806Ceramic Container with Solid Heat-resistingTantalum Diaphragm for Pressure TransmitterTantalum Target for Vacuum Coating IndustryTungsten Crucible in Heating Chamber 99.95%High Temperature Furnace Consumables 99.95%High-temperature Good Tensile Tungsten RopeTantalum Boats for High Temperature FurnaceHigh Purity Tantalum Diaphragm from FactoryExcellent Quality Molybdenum Machined PartsFlanges Various Standards Diverse MaterialsMolybdenum Screw for Single Crystal FurnaceHigh Temperature 0.25mm Black Tungsten Wire99.95% Purity Molybdenum Seed Crystal ChuckPrice of Thickness 0.1mm Tantalum DiaphragmHigh Precision Tantalum Targets with RO5200Molybdenum Bolts for Vacuum Furnaces 99.95%High Density Heavy Hammer Molybdenum WeightTungsten Sputtering Targets with CertificateTantalum Sputtering Target with High QualityHigh Temperature Resistant Molybdenum HammerHeavy Molybdenum Crystal Furnace AccessoriesTantalum Flanges For Pressure Gauge IndustryMolybdenum Flat Phillips Bolt Vaccum FurnaceDIA4.0 Winding Structure Tungsten Rope 99.95Tantalum Diaphragm Price for Pressure GaugesPrice of Thickness 0.08mm Tantalum DiaphragmTantalum Ground Ring for Instrument IndustryVacuum Furnace Heating Niobium Flat PhillipsMolybdenum Hammer For Single Crystal FurnaceTungsten and Molybdenum Accessories SuppliesTantalum Electrode Rod with Various MaterialDia 0.3mm Tungsten Heater Element Wire MetalISO 9001 Certificate Customized Tungsten RodTantalum Crucible for Single Crystal FurnaceMolybdenum Processing CNC Machined Moly PartTantalum Flat Diaphragm for Pressure SensorsMolybdenum Seed Chuck Single Crystal FurnaceCustomizable Molybdenum Heavy Hammer for SaeA Cylindrical Tungsten Filament 15.0 Cm LongMolybdenum Hammer for Monocrystal Growth FurPolished Tungsten Electrodes Tig Welding RodTungsten Crucible for Vacuum Furnace MachineHigh Quality Anticorrosion Tungsten CruciblePurity Tungsten Crucible for Sapphire CrystalRefractory Polishing Tungsten Crucible 99.95%Pressure Gauge Industry Parts Tantalum FlangeHigh Temperature Resistance Tungsten CrucibleMolybdenum Hammer for Single Crystal FurnanceBest-selling 99.95% Purity Tungsten Wire RopeHigh Temperature Resistance Crucible for SaleHigh-temperature Molybdenum Boat for IndustryGood Quality Tungsten Fabricated Parts 99.95%Professional Niobium Target with High QualityHigh Quality Tantalum Foil Diaphragm PressureHigh Temperature Molybdenum Sputtering TargetGood Stability Molybdenum Net Heating ElementMolybdenum Seed Chuck for Electronic ComponentBest Quality Promotional Molybdenum Seed ChuckHastelloy B Diaphragm for Pressure TransmitterHigh-Temp Resistance Tungsten-wire for FurnaceHigh Temperature Furnace Molybdemun Seek ChuckMolybdenum Machined Parts of Induction FurnaceTungstenSeek Chuck for Glass Furnace ElectrodeOxidation Resistance Molybdenum Machined PartsHigh Purity Sapphire Crystal Tungsten CrucibleHigh Temperature Furnace Tungsten Bobbin 99.95%Temperature Resistance Silver Tungsten CrucibleCorrosion Resistant Container Tantulum CrucibleSapphire Parts Molybdenum Crucible for SapphireAnticorrosion 316L Diaphragm for Pressure GaugeResistant Tantalum Diaphragm for Pressure GaugeHigh Usage Efficiency Niobium Sputtering Target99.95% Purity Niobium Square/round Bar/rod/tubeHigh Quality Shooting Sputtering Niobium TargetRefractory High Temperature Resistance CrucibleHigh Quality Customizable Molybdenum Seed ChuckCustomized Molybdenum Precision Machining PartsHeating Tungsten Needle for Vacumm ElectroplatiMolybdenum Hammer for Monocrystal Growth FurnaceCorrosion Resistant Resistant Tantalum DiaphragmTemp Resistance Tungsten-wire for Vacuum Furnace316L Diaphragm for Diaphragm-seal Pressure GaugeInstrumentation Industry Tantalum Grounding RingHigh Quality Molybdenum Flat Phillips Bolt99.95%Hot Customized Precision Tungsten Machining PartsSeed Holder with Heat-resistant and AnticorrosionHigh Temperature Resistant Stainless Steel FlangeTungsten Wire Rope of High-Temperature ResistanceTungsten-wire for High Temperature Vacuum FurnaceHigh Temperature Molybdenum Crucible from FactoryMolybdenum Seed Chuck of Semiconductor IndustriesResistance of Tungsten Filament at Room Temperature
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